The solutions

The air treatement solution developed by NANOHUB

NANOHUB developed several mechanical air treatment devices which deal with indoor environments air destroying and/or inactivating the harmful substances present in the air, including viruses.

The joint action of the components consents to sanitize the air, achieving the objectives of containment and slowdown of the SARS-CoV-2 transmission, objectives recommended from the health authorities for the return to normal life.

After testing, for several years, the photocatalytic technology on VOC, bacteria, spores, moulds and allergens, NANOHUB patented the new “KtV” filter – composed of a state-of-the-art photocatalytic reactor and of an antibacterial and antiviral fabric; the joint action of the components sanitizes the air, improving the already significative results obtained with Nanohub devices.

The “KtV” filter is applied to all our devices and allows to inactivate in few minutes the SARS-CoV-2 virus as well (test conducted by the Viral Pathogenesis and Biosecurity of San Raffaele Hospital, Milan).

SELECTING THE MATERIALS – relevant is the choice of the filters materials since not all materials are suitable for this employment, considering the agents chemical stability action when they come into contact with the surface or the system in which they are placed. During the development of the air treatment filter, relevant has been the research to obtain filters with the widest surface of contact with air and with low resistance to air passage, for energy consumption and noise reasons. The devices developed for the air sanitizing can be applied to different contexts with different treatment capacities (from 50 to 500 m3/h), with solutions prioritizing the system diffusion and with a direct treatment on the environments object of the intervention.

CLEAN AND HARMLESS ENERGY FOR HUMAN BEINGS – This patented innovative photocatalytic technology enables cleaning, purifying and significantly improving the quality of breathing air in closed environment where you remain for long time. The devices no to release substances in the air and require low maintenance, having no mechanical filters; continuous usage is possible and is particularly suggested when people are present in the environment, thanks to the completely innocuous technology.

TO LEARN MORE – The effectiveness of all our technologies has undergone rigorous tests and was certified by major research laboratories and Italian universities. To receive information on our systems, please fill out the FORM.

The effectiveness of Nanohub products was tested by the most authoritative Italian universities and research institutes. To know how our systems work, please send an email to

NANOHUB solution for the fruit and vegetables sector

In the post-harvest phase, all the fruit and vegetables undergo several alterations due to the change of natural environmental, physical and chemical conditions.

The most common effects observed are the different appearance and taste – namely decrease in weight, freshness, aroma and flavour, the colour, the degree of ripening, and the presence of moulds and pathogens. The main causes of these phenomena are due to the natural physical properties of the air and to the intrinsic characteristics of these products, which produce ethylene (natural ripening hormone) in the post- harvest phase. Ethylene triggers the ripening process of the products, provoking an over-ripening and deterioration if not adequately controlled.

Nanohub developed a solution to eliminate and control the ethylene. This solution promotes an improvement in the preservation of fruit and vegetables and can be realized in two modalities:

Moreover, through the implementation of the air control directly in the sales area, besides a better preservation of the products and a consequent extension of the shelf life, it is possible to avoid moving the products once displayed on the shelves back into the conservation cells during the night, leading to benefits in terms of organization.

The devices developed by NANOHUB are: