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After several years of testing devices with photocatalytic technology on VOCs, bacteria, spores, moulds and allergens, NANOHUB has patented the new “KtV” filter, which consists of a latest-generation photocatalytic reactor and an antibacterial and antiviral fabric; the combined action of the components makes it possible to sanitise the air in confined spaces by destroying and/or inactivating the harmful substances present in the air, including viruses, bacteria and allergens.
The combined action of the components makes it possible to sanitise the air, achieving the objectives of containing and slowing down the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 advocated by health authorities for a return to normal life.

The “KtV” filter is used in all devices offered by Nanohub and allows even the SARS-CoV-2 virus to be inactivated in a few minutes (test carried out at the Viral Pathogenesis and Biosecurity Unit of the San Raffaele Hospital.

The wide range of products on offer – covering various sizes – lends itself to almost endless applications:

The NANOHUB devices equipped with “KtV” filters are complementary tools, but not replacements, of the most common measures against the spread of the Covid-19 virus in indoor environments, (e.g.: masks, plexiglass partitions, sanitizers and social distancing, etc.).

NANOHUB is committed to continuous improvement of its products through active collaboration with universities. It also carries out research and development on photocatalysts and innovative materials and has established partnerships with various industrial entities.


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