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Indoor air plays directly or indirectly a major role for the well-being of people, representing one of the main determinants of people’s health.

In response to the recent health emergency for the SARS-CoV-2 virus diffusion, a recent document of the ISS (National Institute of Health) declares that “Given the current national situation – that has led to the introduction of public health measures, among which social distancing, limiting people’s movement and distancing from their residence, essential measures to prevent, block and postpone the diffusion of SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, the virus that causes COVID-19 – air quality in indoor environments assumes a major importance in the protection, defence and prevention of both citizens’ and workers’ health”. The objective of indoor air quality improvement is bounded to the “containment or slowdown of the SARS-CoV-2 transmission” (ISS COVID-19 Report n.5/2020).

“Concerning sanitization, in respect to the regulations in force, is meant the complex of procedures and operations of cleaning/disinfection and the maintenance of a good air quality”(ISS COVID-19 Report n.5/2020).


Espero 100 LIFT

This solution is specifically designed for elevators of different capacities […]


Bora 250

BORA 250 is suitable for Urban buses and Coach buses. […]


Bora 50

Bora 50 is suitable ambulances and refrigerated vehicles for the […]


Espero 100

This solution is recommended for housing, offices, shops and for […]


Photocatalytic lights

The LED lights with ACLL system (Air Clean Led Lighting) […]


Levante 250/500

This solution is recommended for housing, offices, shops and for […]


Scirocco 150

This solution is recommended for offices, shops and for all […]


Scirocco 250

Recommended for offices, shops, large scale distribution, shopping centers, and […]


Ponente 1000

Suggested for big offices, shops and industries, Ponente 1000 meets […]


Eolo 17 and Eolo 60

Ideal to be installed in vehicles, Eolo 17 and 60 […]