Levante 250/500

This solution is recommended for housing, offices, shops and for all those environments with a surface between 50 and 100 squared meters.

Levante 250 and Levante 500 meet the needs of maintenance of a good air quality: they are  Stand-alone devices that can be installed quickly and easily. The airflow will pass through the device and exit from the slots on the side; it is then important not to “suffocate” the air around Levante 250/500. A simple pressure on the touch button will adjust the device performance, besides switching it on and off .

Levante 250 and Levante 500 do not use chemical substances, do not produce ozone or any other poison gas. Inside the devices, a KtV” filter is applied, through which the airflow goes once inhaled from the environment, the air goes then back out after the treatment: by continuing in this operation the air is constantly intaken, sanitized and returned to the environment.

A dust filter present within the device is responsible for keeping the photocatalytic reactor clean and, consequently, effective. In the LQ versions, an ultrasonic diffuser is present, which vaporizes a natural bacterial stabilizing liquid.

Technical information

  • Model: Levante 250 – Levante 250LQ – Levante 500 – Levante 500LQ
  • Capacity: 250 – 500 m3/h
  • Consumption: 100 – 170 W
  • Power supply: 220 Vca
  • Vita lampade: 40.000 h
  • Dimensions (mm): 305 x 290 x 415 / 305 x 405 x 415
  • Maintenance: Dust filter backwash with scheduled maintenance

Technical Characteristics

  • Minimal maintenance
  • No use of chemical products, does not produce ozone or any other poison gases
  • LQ Model with tanks for the bacteriostatic fluid evaporation
  • No release into the air, only an infinitesimal emission of CO2 and water vapor are generated from the decomposition
  • Low power consumption (circa 0.4W per m3  of treated air)

Available colors:

Graphite black & Iron grey

Signal white & Iron grey

Salmon orange & Iron grey

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