Ponente 1000

Designed for large shops, shopping centres, hospitals, offices and industries, Ponente 1000 meets the needs of maintaining good air quality.
It is easily and quickly installed inside AHUs (air handling units) or UFADs (underfloor air distribution). Ponente 1000 is a filter that integrates mechanical filtration with the benefits of the KtV system. It is very light and has very low air resistance (approximately 4 Pascal).

The air flow passes through the KtV filter which purifies the air using the process of photocatalysis, which absorbs and converts light energy into free radicals.  The radicals destroy viruses, bacteria, allergens and other pollutants. Thanks to its composition, the KtV filter accelerates the natural process of photocatalysis up to 20 times, enhancing its effectiveness.
This process takes place continuously, keeping the air constantly sanitised.

Ponente 1000 does not use chemicals and does not produce ozone or other toxic gases.

Technical information

  • Technology: KtV
  • Model: Ponente 1000
  • Flow : customable
  • Consumption: 12 W
  • Vita lampade: 40.000 h
  • Weight (kg): 4 Kg
  • Dimensions (mm): 590 x 590 x 37

Technical Characteristics

  • Minimal maintenance
  • Negligible power consumption
  • No employement of chemical products
  • No UV rays produced from the device
  • No decomposition waste, only an infinitesimal emission of carbon dioxide and water vapor

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